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OneNote – now also available for Mac and more

Working at Microsoft made me completely re-think how I work. On one hand I enjoy the mobility and the capabilities to work wherever and whenever. While this also has the danger that I don’t sufficiently separate work and private life it has the upside that my productivity has greatly increased. One of the central elements for such a mobile workstyle are the appropriate tools as carrying around paper is simply not practical any more. My central worktool for taking notes and sharing them is OneNote. I am doing more and more with it and don’t just use it for collecting my thoughts but extend it to my colleagues for projects.  When I share a OneNote page everybody can work on it online and offline and it synchronizes without problems once connection is available. I have it available on all devices being it my laptop, tablet or phone.

While I write rarely about Apple products I wanted to share that OneNote is now also available for Mac and it is even free. With this OneNote is available on all the platforms being it PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the web and they are always in sync. I recommend to have a look at it and maybe that gives you the opportunity to re-think how you work. Check out the Video below for some ideas. For more information see the original blogpost.


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A cloud can be many things. A white patch in a sunny blue sky, the source of a powerful thunderstorm or almost unlimited computing power. My cloud is a place where I am discussing security, technology, productivity, IT-business alignment and corporate citizenship with a few lightning bolts once a while. I welcome all comments and feedback and if you have a question please use the contact form below.

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I am Microsoft's Chief Security Officer and Advisor for Western Europe and have over 15 years work experience in an information security and risk focused IT environment as program manager, technical director, Chief Risk Officer and group CIO.

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