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Evolution of Datacenters – Secure, Scalable and Reliable Cloud Services

I often get asked how Microsoft provides over 200 cloud services and what security measures are in place. There is a good video available that addresses how Microsoft delivers cloud services to more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses in over 70 countries. It is also a fascinating view onto the evolution of modern datacenters and their energy efficiency.

Here it goes:

Turn off your lights – and your datacenter

Tomorrow Saturday is Earth Night and we are asked to turn off our lights at 8:30pm in whatever timezone you are in. The idea for switching off lights for an hour to increase awareness and make a small contribution in fighting climate change began in  Australia in 2007. Wired reports that this year it’s expected that well over 1 billion people in over 145 countries will take part.

While I strongly support thinking about the causes of climate change and taking actions against it I think turning off lights should only be the first step. The next step should be to turn off your datacenters! Well – no fear I am not advocating to trade in your digital slates with the stone slates. But looking at the environmental impact that cloud computing has it seems to be the logical next step. A Microsoft study shows that migration to the cloud can generate net energy savings of up to 90% for small organizations (100 users) and approximately 30% for large organizations (10,000 users). Have a look at The Environmental Benefit of Moving to the Cloud study assessing the differences in energy use in the cloud versus on-premise. And maybe you make a trial subscribtion to cloud services tonight at 9:31 pm.

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Reto is partner at PwC Switzerland. He is leading the Cybersecurity practice and is member of PwC Digital Services leadership Team. He has over 15 years work experience in an information security and risk focused IT environment. Prior to working at PwC he was Microsoft's Chief Security Officer for Western Europe and also has work experience as group CIO, Chief Risk Officer, Technical Director and Program Manager.

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